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Back to School 2023-24

Southridge Middle School will open its administrative office on Wednesday, July 26th. The office phone number is 812-683-3372.   Classes begin on Wednesday August 9th.  Students are to report to the SMS gym, Door 24 between 7:30 – 8:00 am. Regular class hours are 8:05 a.m. – 3:15 p.m..  Students will receive a class syllabus, textbooks and other necessary information during this day.


Registration and Book Rental Information

Student Dress Guidelines

The following limitations are intended to help students make choices in regards to dress for school. Clothing that disrupts education or endangers their safety or that of others is considered inappropriate and will not be permitted to be worn in school. The appearance of Southridge students influences, to a large degree, the impression the community, and the general public have of our student body. It is to the student’s advantage to make a favorable impression.

  1. All students must wear shoes or sandals.
  2. A student’s clothing, person, and hair must be neat, clean, and appropriate.
  3. All skirts and dresses must be at knee length. Capris must be BELOW knee length.
  4. Tank tops are prohibited and cannot be exposed under sheer articles of clothing.
  5. All clothing covering the upper body must have sleeves and not expose any cleavage, bare midriff front or back, underarm areas, and undergarments. Shirts worn must be of a length able to be tucked in your pants.
  6. Jeans and pants may not have holes in them of any kind or location.
  7. Hats, caps, bandanas and other unusual headgear are not permitted.
  8. The wearing of shorts and pajamas are prohibited.
  9. Compression, exercise garments may be worn but a shirt long enough to cover the buttock region must be worn.
  10. Items of clothing with unacceptable symbols, language, or double meanings are not allowed.
  11. Sunglasses are prohibited, unless prescribed by a doctor.
  12. Decorative chains, attached to the waistband, billfolds, etc. are prohibited.
  13. Approved dress for Spirit days is an exception to the dress code.
  14. Appearance must be educationally appropriate and non-distracting at all times. 

Supply Lists

PE Uniform – T shirts will be available for purchase if needed in SMS PE office for $5 (can reuse each year)

Faculty and Staff

Principal – Chad Whitehead 

Dean of Students/AD - Ryan Haywood 

Secretary/Attendance Officer – Shea King

Secretary/Treasurer – Tracey Michel

Guidance Counselor – Amanda Pulley      

Social Counselor - Christine Vinson

School Nurse - Kate Lamar

Language Arts – Nicole Riehle, Jen Schutte, Kaitlyn Uebelhor, Leigh Hochgesang, Shannon Fuhs

Math – Mary Reese, Annette Altmeyer, Myra Schnuck 

Science – Nick Herron, Kyle Baseden, Jeffrey Tempel

Social Studies – Stephen Longabaugh, Craig Popp, Brad Ohanian, Katy Beck

World Language - Tyla Rasche

Career Education – Coriann Arts

Health/PE – Ryan Haywood, Shaylon Pierce, Lisa Durcholz

EL- Claudia Tascon-Pena

Speech Pathologist – Janet Bradley

Special Education – Kendra Vogler, Erin Marshall, Rebecca Jessee 

Art – Rebecca Berry

Band Director/Music – Lannie Butler

Choir/Music – Erich Kendall

Industrial Tech – Tom Collins 

Keyboarding/Computer Apps – 

Media Coordinator – Sarah Bardwell

Media Assistant - Jayme Blackgrove

Instructional Assistants - Donatta Jones, Dee McKinney, Clair Mohr, Jennifer Reinhart, Beth Stillwell

Custodial/Maintenance Staff:  Zoila Abarca, Gary Bender, Ana Calmo de Gil, Linda Dalziel, David Houchin, Lonnie Jones

Frequently Asked Questions